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How to calibrate temperature for glow wire test apparatus

Temperature Calibration
The test data may be offset when the thermocouple have been used for a long time, as thus the thermocouple must be inspected and calibrated.
Inspection method:
Place a standard silver foil(2mm*2mm)on the top of the glow wire, press the “heat up” button to let the silver leaf melt, observed the temperature of the glow wire whether it was within 960℃±10℃, if the temperature out of the scope, then must calibration the thermocouple.

Calibration procedure:
1. To press “resetting” button so that clamping device is far away from glow wire.
2. To place silver foil which meets standards in middle position on the top of glow wire.
3. To press “heating current” button to adjust current to suitable value (shown in attached table 1) slowly until melting of silver foil. Value shown in temperature shall be 960±10℃ accorrding to related standards.
4. To remove silver residue after temperature calibration.
5. To power off before “heating current” button pop-up.

The Glow Wire Test Apparatus ZLT-GTR produced by ZHILITONG Electromechanical Co. Ltd meets above requirements of new IEC60695-2-10 (2014) standard. 


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