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What is verification of the temperature measuring system of TheGlow-wire Tester?

Based on IEC 61643 clause, non-rewireable SPDs shall be so designed that the flexible cable or cord is protected against excessive bending where it enters the accessory.

Compliance is checked by inspection and by a flexing test made by means of a flexing test swivel machine as shown in figure 9.

The cable or cord is loaded with a mass such that the force applied is

-- 20 N for accessories with cables or cords having a nominal cross-sectional area exceeding 0.75 mm²

--10 N for other accessories

A current is passed through the conductors.

The oscillating machanism is moved through an angle of 90°(45°on either side of the vertical, the number of flexing being 10000 and the rate of flexing 60 per minute.

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