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aggregate impact test

For aggregate impact test continuous bending tests by swiveling movements to check supply cord where it enters the appliance, in accordance with IEC60335 1 clause 25.14 figure 8 and IEC60745.1

  • Foot Probe

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    Model: ZLT-P08


    This Foot Probe conforms to EN60335-2-2 Figure Z101 and IEC60335-2-92 Figure 103. The standard requires rotary power movers to have protective shields..

  • Articulate Probe with Web Stop

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    Model: ZLT-U01


    This is the “UL” test finger, researched and designed by UL, and required by most UL Standards. Palm simulator and restricted joint movement simulates human finger movement. The handle is made of nylon. The finger is made of stainless steel.

  • Φ40 mm Blender Probe

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    Blender Probe meets IEC60335-2-14 clause 20.103, stainless steel rod has a diameter of 40mm with a and a hemispherical end at 80mm length, nylon handle is 25mm diameter and 105mm long.