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mains tester plug

mains tester plug,Table Diameter : 800mm, in accordance with IEC60065 clause 19.1, IEC60335-1 clause 20.1, IEC60601-1 clause 24.1, IEC 60950 clause 4.1.1.

  • Appliance Stability Tester ZLT-WD1

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    according to IEC60529 figure 4, IEC 60335-1 clause 15.1.1, IEC60598 clause 9.2.4 and 9.2.5.

  • Appliance Stability Lab Test Machine ZLT-WD3

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    UL94 flammability tester screening procedure for comparing the relative burning behaviour specimens made from plastic and other non-metallic materials, exposed to a flame ignition source of 50W and 500W nominal  power.

  • Appliance Stability Tester

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    The device complies with UL1581 2001(1060 FT1,1061,1080VW 1,1090,1100FT2) standards related requirements designed. Applicable to the single wire and cable, and soft line horizontal (FT1), vertical (VW1) combustion test