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martindale socket tester

This martindale socket tester apparatus is for testing the resistance to vertical flame propagation for a single vertical electrical insulated conductor or cable, or optical fiber cable.

  • Φ8 mm Blender Probe

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    Model: ZLT-P01


    Blender Probe meets IEC60335 2 14 clause 20.102,stainless steel rod has a diameter of 8.0mm*80mm long; nylon handle is 25mm diameter and 100mm long, with handle.

  • Test Pin Probe

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    Φ1mm,20mm long, according to IEC60065 clause 9.1.4.

  • Test Cylinder

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    To determine the fixed structure reliability of surface type socket outlets, in accordance with IEC60884 1 clause 24.3, having a radius equal to 4,5 times the distance between fixing holes but , in any case, no less than 200 mm. The axes of the holes are in a plane perpendicular to the axis of the cylinder and parallel to the radius through the center of the distance between the holes.
    The test cylinder is made of rigid steel sheet.