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Do you know how to set the specimen for glow wire test apparatus?

The glow wire test apparatus device is designed to carry out fire hazard testing on electrotechnical products in accordance with the provisions of International standards. The control unit is supplied with all the controls and metering necessary to accurately set the temperature of the glow wire.The wire current is continuously variable by means of the panel-mounted controller and is monitored by the built-in ammeter. A digital temperature indicator is fitted which, in conjunction with the thermocouple supplied, accurately measures the glow wire temperature. The electrical circuit of the control unit is fully protected by fuses and a miniature circuit breaker and incorporates mains on/off switching and push button control of the output current. After learning about the wire testing equipment, do you want to know how to set the specimen for it? Let's learn about it.

set the specimen for glow wire test apparatus

1. Install the specimen: Fix the specimen on the location having highest heat which provide by electrical cable testing equipment. You must fix the thinnest of the specimen if the highest heated location can't be confirmed. Furthermore, the distance from fixed location to the top edge would not be less than 15mm. Don't add the flame to the cutting edge.
2. Wrap a tissue around the wooden board and place it down the specimen about 200 mm. Wooden boards shall be supported by tray with adjustable height.
3. To check test specimen on the fixture so that top of Glowing wire is in the middle position.
4. To press “forward movement” button and “stop” button once test specimen touch Glowing wire instantly.
5. To adjust automatic timer position: to adjust proximity switch to clamping device slowly then stop it and tighten lower screws when indicator lamp is on.
6. To press “resetting” button so that clamping device leaves glowing wire.
7. To press “forward movement” button to confirm automatic stop and timing once test specimen touch glow wire instantly.
8. To press “resetting” button to retreat the clamping device.

The Glow Wire Test Apparatus ZLT-GTR produced by ZHILITONG Electromechanical Co. Ltd meets above requirements of new IEC60695-2-10 (2014) standard. If you want to learn about more, please contact us, we will give you best sercive.