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UL94 Burning Tester

UL94 burning tester is a plastics flammability standard released Tester, to measure the time required to ignite the test specimen during the application of heat.

  • UL94 Flammability Test Apparatus

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    UL94 Burning tester have  three type: 50W, 500W, 50~500W mixed-type test equipment wood, it's the combustion test device of plastic materials represented by UL-94. It can perform each test of HB, V0 to V2, 5V and VTM, HBF. 

  • Flexible Pipe Winding Test Device

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    1 supporting frame, for supporting 1 cylinder, diameter 250 mm, and material of wood, for chains having an IP number up to and including 20 10 times at 25 °C ± 5 °C. for chains having an IP number over 20 10 times at 25 °C ± 5 °C

  • Ignition Tester

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    This test method assesses the relative resistance of electrical insulating materials to ignition by the effects of a hot wire.