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Apparatus of UL746A HVTR Tester

We are professional High voltage Arc Ignition Tester manufacturers, Resistance test to High-voltage,low-current arc discharges,conform to UL746A,IEC61621, and ASTMD495.
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High Voltage Arc Ignition Tester

Product details:Model ZLT-HVL

This test method covers, in a preliminary fashion, the differentiation among similar materials with respect to their resistance to the action of a high-voltage, low-current arc close to the surface of insulation, intending to form a conducting path therein or in causing the material to become conducting due to the localized thermal and chemical decomposition and erosion,according to IEC61621,ASTMD495,UL746A clause 22.2.

Standard Outfit:

1 arc-resistance test circuit, to provide high-voltage up to 12.5KV, adjustable 

1 current control resistors set with R10,R20,R30,R40-four resistors,provide arc currents of 10mA,20mA,30mA and 40mA respectively,

1 milliammeter,A-An ac milliammeter capable of reading from 10mA  to 40mA with an error of not over±5%,

1 electrode set ,are made from 2,4mm±0,05mm diameter tungsten rod which is free from cradks,pits or rough spots,the free electrode length shall be a minimum of 20 mm,shall be ground and polished to produce and angle of 300±10 to the axis,

1 electrode fixture ,to provides a means of holding the electrodes and the test specimen at the proper angle for applying the arc to the tip surface of the test specimen,each electrode shall be adjusted so that it rests independently on the test specimen with a force of 0,5N±0,05N,they lie in the same vertical plane and are both inclined 350±10 from the horizontal, 

1 gauge, to measure the 6.35mm±0.08mm of two space the tips,

1 test chamber,enclosure without venting,dimensions not smaller than 300mm×150mm×100mm,

Power supply: 220V50Hz other voltages request.


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