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High Current ARC Resistance to Ignition of UL746A HAI


We are professional High Current ARC Resistance to Ignitiong(HAI) Tester manufacturers, HAI tester,conform to UL1082 and UL746A.

  • Item NO.:ZLT-DQY
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ARC Resistance to Ignition Tester

High Current ARC Resistance to Ignition Test Apparatus of UL746A

Product details:Model ZLT-DQY

Hihg current ARC resistance to ignition test apparatus,to check a fire enclosure of the material that is located less than 13 mm through air from arcing parts such as unenclosed commutators and unenclosed switch contacts,according to UL746A clause 32,UL1082.

 Standard outfit:

1 circuit for high current arcing test,the current is 33 A at a power factor of 0,5,
1 stationary electrode consists of a 3,5 mm diameter solid copper conductor having a 302 chisel point,
1 movable electrode consists of 3 mm diameter stainless steel rod with a symmetrical conical point having a total angle of 602 and is capable of being moved along its own axis,
1 motor with a separation speed of 254 mm/s±25 mm/s, to produce a series of arcs at a rate of approximately 40 arcs/min,
1 set 6 digit counter to records the arcs.

Power supply:380V50Hz,other voltages.

ARC Resistance to Ignition Tester

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