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Horizontal/Vertical Flame Chamber UL 94 Chamber


We are professional Horizontal Vertical Flame Chamber UL94 Chamber manufacturers, horizontal-vertical flame chamber,conform to UL94,IEC60695-11-3,IEC60695-11-4,IEC60695-11-10,IEC60695-11-20..

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Horizontal Vertical Flame Chamber UL 94 Chamber

Flammability tester of plastic materials for UL 94 Federal Aviation Regulation Bunsen Burner Test Apparatus

Product details:Model ZLT-UL94,Flammability tester of plastic materials for UL94

The ZLT Horizontal-Vertical Flame Chamber Tester is a fully automatic instrument contained in its own cabinet to maximize the safety of the operator. It screening procedure for comparing the relative burning behaviour specimens made from plastic and other non-metallic materials ,exposed to a flame ignition source of 50W or 500W nominal  power. These test methods determine the linear burning rate and the afterflame/afterglow times, as well as the damaged length of specimens. They are applicable to solid and cellular materials that have an apparent density of not less than 250kg/m3,determined in accordance with ISO845.Then do not apply to materials that shrink away from the applied flame without ignitiong;ISO9773 should be used for thin flexible materials. And it’s the combustion test device of plastic materials represented by UL-94. It can perform each test of HB, V0 to V2, 5V and VTM, HBF.


Test Flame 50W and 500W
Burner Tube

Internal diameter: ф 9.5mm±0.3mm, length:100mm±10mm

Burning Angle



Type K (Ni/Cr – Ni/Al)

Themocouple Size O/D 0.5 mm
Standard copper block

Ф5.5mm±0.01mm, weight1.76g±0.01g before drilling.

and Ф9mm±0.01mm, weight10g±0.05g before drilling.Cu-ETP

Time for temperature to increase

From 100°C±5°C to 700°C±3°C; 54s±2s and 54s±2s(preset)

Overall Height


Gas supply(do not provide)

methane,min.98% purity


105±10ml/min and    965±30ml/min


0KPa to 7.5KPa

Input power

220 V 50 Hz 3A or 115 V 60Hz Optional

Volume of chamber

>0.75m3, black interior

Outer Dimensions


Conform to standard

UL94,IEC69695-11-3/4,   IEC60695-11-10/20



Flame height gauge and 100% absorbent cotton

Horizontal/Vertical Flame Chamber UL 94 Chamber



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