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Needle Flame Test Chamber of IEC 60695-11-5

We are professional Needle Flame Test Chamber manufacturers,Needle Flame Test Machine.The instrument is designed to conform to the IEC60695-11-5, IEC60695-2-2 and other most commonly used standards in the market.
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Needle Flame Test Apparatus 

Needle Flame Test Chamber of IEC 60695-11-5 Fire Hazard Testing

Model ZLT-ZY2

Product details:  

The ZLT Needle Flame Tester is used to assess the fire hazard of such component materials. The test is performed to determine that the test flame does not cause ignition of parts, or that a combustible part ignited by the test flame has a limited duration of burning or a limited extent of burning, without spreading fire by flames or burning or glowing particles falling from the test specimen.  

The ZLT Needle-Flame Tester is a fully automatic instrument contained in its own cabinet to maximize the safety of the operator. The Needle Flame Tester consists of a Ф0.9mm needle burner that tilts to 45° from the vertical and is fueled with butane gas. The test time for the temperature of the standard copper block to increase from 100°C ±5°C to 700°C ±3°C shall be 23,5s ±1,0s. Test flame height is adjusted 12mm ±1mm.The fire hazard of the specimen is assessed by measuring the burning duration of the specimen, and any ignition of the wrapping tissue and white pine board below the specimen.  It consists of a tube with a bore 0.5/font> 0.1mm and gas-flow regulating valve for adjustment of the flame height.  It shall be used with a pressure regulator. 

The instrument is designed to conform to the IEC60695-11-5, IEC60695-2-2 and other most commonly used standards in the market.

Standard outfit:

1 copper block, Cu-ETP UNS C11000, 4 mm±0,01 mm, weight 0,58 g±0,01 g before drilling, accordance with IEC60695-11-5 figure A1, with clamping mechanism, with Φ0,5 mm for the thermocouple,

1 needle burner, stainless steel bore,Φ0,5mm±0,1mm,outer diameter Φ0,9 mm, length35mm, to produce 12 mm±1 mm flame height,

1 scale to measure flame height,

1 temperature measurement system, the test time for the temperature to increase from 100℃±5℃ to 700℃±3℃ is 23.5 s±1.0 s,

1 type K thermocouple Chromel-alumel, Φ0,5 mm, length approx.500 mm, to indicate the temperature of the copper block, with digital display measuring range 0~1050℃, built-in operable,

1 chamber with a volume of at least 0,5 m3, black interior,

1 wooden board, 10 mm thick, 10 sheets of wrapping tissue, of grammage between 12g/~30g/.

Power supply: 220V50Hz other voltages request.

By PLC controt operation,Model ZLT-ZY2P

needle flame tester

needle flame tester

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